the poet meets the artist shivanjani lal

the poet goes to the temple.

the artist dreams in yellow yellow music.

electric blue lizards eat white butterflies.

the people of the village

suck on fish bones.

the faces of all our fathers

are painted on kites

flown by children

on mountains made of pink chalk.

the poet is cut in half on a plantation.

the artist makes a map on a kolam

at the bottom of the ocean

she said

something about flowers in auburn

something about taxis in bombay.

the artist is cut in half on a plantation.

we laugh with the cobras.

we walk through the jungle where the blood was shed

yet the little devil still drums in my head

we dance on the fire where the healers lay sleeping

yet the beast

the beast sings in my dreaming.

the artist takes a kerosene lamp

shines the fire on the faces of blood

each holding on their old tongues

a piece of the Sun.

the artist is in the temple with electric blue lizards

the poet holds her hands out to the rain

and receives nothing.