Manisha Anjali writes and performs poetic works about love, death and the afterlife.

Her first collection of poems, Sugar Kane Woman, was released by Witchcraft Press in October 2016. Her work also appears in Seizure, Blackmail Press, IKA Journal, Blackmail Press and Lor Journal. 

In 2013, Manisha was awarded a Hot Desk Fellowship by The Wheeler Centre. Her short story Goldie the Turtle won the People's Choice Award in the NZ Writers College Short Story Contest. She was also awarded the Senior English Prize by the University of Auckland.

In 2017, she graduated with First Class Honours in Creative Arts at Victoria University, where she composed a dramatic text comprised of poetry, theatre and song.

Manisha was part of the 2017 cohort of Emerging Cultural Leaders programme at Footscray Community Arts Centre. She is also the Events & Opps Editor at Asia Pacific Writers and Translators.